About Event

Welcome to the Future of Cell Therapy

Stakeholders across oncology and beyond are now turning to next generation developments and
technology to create the therapies of tomorrow, NOW!

That’s why CAR-TCR Europe has evolved into the Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit: the only industry-dedicated forum focused on the 2.0, next generation innovations in cell therapies.

Join over 300 adoptive cell therapy experts accelerating the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation advanced therapies to the clinic across 3 days of carefully curated sessions.

Join us to explore innovative developments from early discovery through to manufacturing to bring to market the next generation of cell therapies.

View the 2022 event guide here for a taster of what was discussed earlier this year!

Focus Points in 2022:


Novel in vivo delivery


How we can bring to market safer, more effective, and affordable cell therapies, going beyond T cells and oncology indications


How to innovate with gene, base and prime editing to control and target cell therapies better


How we can create the therapies of tomorrow

3 Tracks of Content:


  • Explore Novel CAR Platforms to Supercharge Next Generation Cell Therapy
  • Optimise In Vivo Gene Delivery for Enhanced Target Cell Specificity
  • Advance Discovery and Development of Novel Targets to Achieve Success in Solid Tumours
  • Utilise Different CAR-T Modalities to Further Improve T-Cell Function
  • Drive Development of Universal CAR-T Cells with Novel Gene Engineering

Advancing Clinical Development

  • Enhance Trafficking of CAR-T Cells to Overcome the Hostile Tumour Microenvironment
  • Engineer Novel CAR
    Constructs to Reduce
    On-Target Off-Tumour
  • Highlight Safety and
    Feasibility of Allogeneic
    Cell Therapies
  • Enhance Clinical Performance
    of CARS for Greater Persistency
    and Durability
  • Re-Imagine Clinical Trial Design to Achieve Optimal Patient Outcomes


  • Revolutionise the Production of Large-Scale Cell Therapy Through Automation
  • Advance Non Viral Manufacturing for
    Improved Gene Delivery
  • Navigate Through Manufacturing Challenges
    to Supercharge Off-the-Shelf Therapies
  • Leverage Novel Technologies to Scale and
    Enhance the Production of Next Generation CAR-T Cells
  • Manufacture Considerations for iPSC Cell Therapies