Accelerate to the Clinic Novel, New Generation Cell Therapies that are Safer, More Effective and Have Meaningful Impact in Diseases Beyond Oncology

As the CAR-T field continues to explode with new companies, investment, and clinical collaborations, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Stakeholders across oncology are now turning to next generation developments and innovations to create the therapies of tomorrow.

That’s why CAR-TCR Europe has become the Next Generation CAR-TCR Summit: your definitive platform focused on the 2.0, next generation innovations in cell therapies.

Join innovators from large pharma, biotech, academia and regulatory boards to hear insights into:

Novel In-Vivo Delivery | Innovations in Gene, Base & Prime Editing | Novel Discovery Platforms | Overcoming the Hostile Tumour Microenvironment | Improving Persistence and Durability for Greater Clinical Outcomes | And More!

Whether you are developing novel constructs, new clinical trial strategies or innovative manufacturing approaches for large scale production, this multi-tracked meeting can support your whole team and provide the tools needed to advance your own pipeline towards clinical and commercial success.

View the draft agenda now for more details!

Sneak Peek at 2022 Speakers:

What's New for 2022:


A renewed focus on the latest and greatest novel discovery platforms and clinical updates, with insights into innovations in manufacturing technologies and supply chain strategies


Accelerating Non-T Cell Approaches Focus Day: Explore how to harness the potential of macrophages, NK cells and iPSCs to develop the holy grail of cell therapies


Discover CAR-T Applications beyond Oncology  and the blockbuster potential that cell therapies hold in autoimmunity, infectious disease and degenerative disorders


9 New Preconference Workshops: Deep dive into innovative designs for engineering T-Cells, advancing clinical translation of allogeneic products, enhancing patient quality of care using novel combination approaches and more!

Team Discounts Available:

With three tracks of content, 9 Pre-Conference Workshops, a Bootcamp Day and hours of built-in networking, register as a team to ensure you don't miss anything!

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